New Treats at Milk Bar Store

Milk Bar Store has added some new treats to their summer menu, including their Apple Pie Cake + Truffles and their Compost Cookie Soft Serve and Milk Shake. Stop by the store this summer and try one of the new sweet treats while you can!

Apple Pie Cake + Truffles (available in store starting July 15th through September 30th): An old school Milk Bar flavor is coming back for a limited time this summer – the Apple Pie Cake, an ode to summer’s favorite pie. The cake is made with layers of brown butter cinnamon cake, soaked with apple cider, brown butter cheesecake, pie dough crumbs and apple compote, topped with pie dough frosting. The cake truffle version, available in 3-packs and in a dozen box, are bite sized versions of the layer cake. $49 for a 6 inch cake; Truffles: 3 pack for $6; dozen gift box for $24.
Available this summer only is the Compost Cookie Soft Serve and Milk Shake: Milk Bar’s signature, fan favorite cookie, transformed into a salty / sweet summer soft serve treat, extracting the cookie’s flavors of chocolate, butterscotch, pretzels, potato chips and more. This exclusive, seasonal soft serve flavor is topped with Compost Crunch. A Compost Cookie Milkshake is also available in stores.

Milk Bar Store
1090 I Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

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