OH Collection Available Now at Christofle

With the arrival of fine weather, Christofle sets sail, bringing a breath of summer to collections dedicated to the art of the outdoor cocktail.

The OH Collection, comprising pieces with pure, graphic lines, recalls nautical codes and extends an invitation to travel toward sunny blue horizons. Two new mirror-polished steel cupels join the initial collection, accompanied notably by an elegant toothpick holder, a depicted on the other pieces, with solid motifs echoing openwork versions.

The art of the cocktail is also the art of sharing; in that spirit, hors d’oeuvres may be passed on the new OH aperitif plate, and the MOOD service dressed for the occasion with a new travel-friendly handle in Mediterranean bleu, in a limited edition of 200 examples.

Cocktails, whether mixed with the new OH steel shakers or the silver-plated Uni shakers, take on even greater elegance when sipped though the silver-plated Uni straw that is as chic as it is eco-friendly. At nightfall, the large OH hurricane lamp in steel and crystal, inexactly the same shape and size as MOOD, is easily transported wherever the party is going thanks to a leather handle – for warm candlelit moments that perfectly reflect the Christofle spirit.

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