New Metallic Maji Collection at Alexis Bittar

Alexis Bittar’s Metallic Maji collection for Spring 2019 is inspired by ideas of movement and reflection.  The collection explores these concepts using various materials and surface treatments, including Lucite, mixed metals, and oversized crystal stones. 

Like water, light reflects against crumpled chrome surfaces.  The Metallic Maji collection features molten textures sculpted into Lucite that parallel the aqueous effects of reflection.  Gradients of color, like those found in an oil slick, inspire the integration of color-change effects in the rainbow IP (PVD) plated styles.  For a similar Lucite effect, Black Beetle is a unique color developed using customized layers of interference paint.  The glow that radiates when applied to Lucite can appear transient, iridescent, and even hallucinogenic as it shifts from violets to greens.  Alexis Bittar’s conceptual color embellishments update pared-back designs that focus on clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. The Metallic Maji collection focuses on a single chromatic color underpinned by brilliant cut pastel crystals and complementary metallic tones.

Alexis Bittar
984 Palmer Alley NW
Washington, DC 20001

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