Concorde by Christofle: Paris in a Silver Box

With Concorde, Christofle introduces a new silverware concept blending cosmopolitan lines and a bold presentation — a modern homage to table arts informed by the history of the Maison Christofle.

Designed to echo the oblong shape of the Place de la Concorde near Christofle’s Rue Royale boutique, the house’s flagship since the late 19th century, Concorde blends beauty and functionality, elegance and a relaxed attitude, purity and ornamentation.

Once opened, Concorde reveals a silverware ensemble inspired by a coffee set from the Christofle archives, with an alternating shiny and matte milleraie motif that underscores the interplay of light and metal.

The elegant modernity of this stainless steel ensemble with white oak accents makes Concorde a perfect companion for shared moments of all kinds.





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Washington, DC 20001

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