Dream of a Secret Garden in Paris

For its Spring 2017 campaign, Longchamp is revealing a secret garden in Paris behind the carriage doors. Tucked inside a Haussmann-style townhouse, Alexa Chung strikes a pose for photographer Mikael Jansson, a master magician of light.

It’s a hot Summer day in Paris, but the rose beds and shrubs in this private Parisian garden give off a cool breeze and a sense of tranquility far from the bustling city. It’s an enchanted interlude in the heart of Paris. Longchamp’s new campaign opens with an exciting image of Alexa toting an ivory Paris Premier bag that’s personalized with a colored shoulder strap and charms. She’s wearing a blue bomber jacket embroidered with flowers and a lambskin skirt. The inviting look on her face whisks you away to a Paris full of flowers and shade.

The talented Mikael Jansson casts her in modern yet tender light that makes each photo unique.

Longchamp brought in famous Paris Fashion Week videographer Loic Prigent, the man who films all the catwalks, to follow Alexa wherever she desires. We watch her strolling through the streets of Paris talking about her passion for the French capital. It’s a heartfelt tribute to the city and to freedom. Then we see her in that Paris garden looking so flowery and romantic. She tells us how Parisian women inspire her every day. She describes how they are freespirited and have character, how they are never a slave to fashion and create their own style. That distinctly Parisian style that Longchamp has exported around the world. A style that sets the stage for the French art of living – that chic, uninhibited and slightly rebellious air that makes every woman just want to be their unique selves.

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